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A lovely smile is a great asset which we all ought to have irrespective of what our identity is, what we do or at what stage in life we are. It matters not whether you are a youngster or a teenager, a student or a professional, you can track down a suitable choice of braces. Canberra orthodontists are experienced in giving a wide range of braces from standard braces to invisible braces. You can, therefore, be helped in getting the braces that will treat your condition effectively.

  • Appointment

In the event that you need to have your teeth straightened, you need to identify an experienced orthodontist and book an appointment with him. The orthodontist will get some information about your medical history and will lead an exhaustive examination of your mouth and teeth. He will take x-beams of your mouth, take impressions of your teeth and may likewise take pictures of your teeth and face. He will then prepare a treatment plan for you based on this data. It is possible for the orthodontist to recommend the use of retainers for minor cases and surgery might be required for very severe cases of misaligned bites.


  • About Braces

Braces are made up of a number of components which work by applying pressure persistently to your teeth during the treatment period. This pressure causes your teeth to move step by step to the required position and as this happens, the shape of the bone likewise changes. Depending on your condition and preference, the orthodontist will guide you on the most suitable braces. Canberra orthodontists have the expertise to provide you with either fixed or removable braces.

  • Brackets

Brackets are little squares which are attached to each tooth utilizing special dental glue. Metal braces use stainless steel brackets while ceramic braces use brackets made from ceramic amalgams which are tooth colored. Clear braces, then again, use plastic brackets which can either be clear or tooth-colored and are therefore not easily noticeable. Assuming that you believe your braces should be completely hidden, the lingual braces are a decent choice for you. The brackets for lingual braces are attached to the back surfaces of your teeth instead of at the front. They are therefore referred to as invisible braces.

  • Curve Wires

The curve wires are attached to the brackets and guide the movement of the teeth to the required position. Depending on the braces, the arch wires can be made from metal, or can be tooth colored or clear. The arch wire is held to the brackets by ties which are little rubber rings or by ligatures which minuscule rubber groups are made from elastic. Invisalign uses clear removable aligners which are made from smooth plastic. These aligners are not noticeable and you can remove them when eating and cleaning your teeth. Invisalign is a type of high technology braces. Canberra has qualified Invisalign providers who will examine you to see if the treatment is suitable to treat your condition.

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